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Welcome back to the AWS Containers a2z blog series! We discussed in the introduction about our goals and how we will get there. We are going to build a Cloud Native application using AWS Container services. This application will be as realistic as possible…

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I have been meaning to write a series of blog posts about building applications using containers on AWS for a while. This is the first of — what I believe will be — a long journey into modern application development.


First of all, I joined the AWS Container team back…

I wrote this post end of July 2020 as a brain dump of my thoughts about the SD-WAN market and never reviewed it nor published it until now... Being on a break between two jobs, I had plenty of time to let my brain wandering and reflecting upon different topics…

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What if the future of networking was Networkless? Part 2

In the previous part, I made the case for a Networkless future. Very much alike with Serverless where there are still actual servers that you don’t manage and you are requesting computing capabilities for some time to run your business…

What if the future of networking was Networkless?

Disclaimer: At the time of writing this series of articles, I am working for Riverbed Technology as a Senior Director. I lead the Technical Evangelist Group that I founded in 2017. The topics and ideas that I am going to develop are…

Romain Jourdan

Love to learn and share. Network & App guy. #cloudnative & #serverless believer. Sr. Manager Developer Advocate @awscloud

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